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Brighten Up With Bump-Outs!

September 30, 2013



Remodelers have long known that a small addition (a “bump-out”) that enlarges an existing room can be a value-conscious remodeling project. Often that bump-out brightens your home more than a large addition.


Look around your home for cramped, dark areas that could be improved with a minimum-sized addition. Have you considered adding a walk-in bay window to your dining room? You’ll be amazed at how this small change will open up and brighten the room. How about a deep window seat in your favorite room for a cozy reading nook? This can be designed to include hidden storage. Angled entrances can give you access to a little-used section of yard while allowing light to stream in. Have you been dreaming of a whirlpool in the bathroom?  A bump-out would give you room for the new bath and an expanse of windows to add spaciousness.


Bump-outs may have a funny name, but they can add space, light, and interest to many rooms in your house. Call us today to discuss creative bump-out ideas for your home!