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What to look for in a Contractor

April 29, 2013

If you are looking for a contractor please ask some detailed questions such as:  

  • Are they currently licensed?
  • Does the company carry any insurance? Is it just the minimum or enough insurance to actually cover possible losses. 
  • Are their crews clean, professional, and do they follow all applicable laws both local and federal. 
  • How do they communicate? 
  • Is the company involved in the community and professional associations? 
  • Does the company name change a lot because of legal issues? 
  • Most importantly, what is their reputation?

Most think it comes down to price but the facts are we all buy our material at about the same price, we all pay about the same for labor so if there is a large difference then the low guy probably missed something on the bid and you will be change ordered or shorted on quality.