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February 9, 2016 # # # #

Accessibility. It’s something that many of us have the luxury of taking for granted in our daily lives. Many of us don’t think twice as we walk up a sidewalk at an intersection, push or pull to open a door, or reach into a cabinet to grab ingredients for a snack to eat or meal we are preparing to cook. It’s easy to dismiss or not even consider what it might be like to live in a world or even a home that isn’t built for those that need additional accessibility options to perform “normal” daily functions.

Fine Remodel was proud to partner with a valued client on a new-to-them home remodel project that offered enhanced accessibility options to the homeowner as he found himself wheelchair-bound after an auto accident years earlier. Our client and his wife have lived in several homes that didn’t accommodate the additional space and amenities needed to get around in a wheelchair. Fine Remodel was happy to be a part of this project, the primary objective of which was to integrate exceptional finish, elements, and enhanced design with the purpose of aesthetic accessibility in mind. The combination of all of these attributes allowed us to complete a home remodel that was instrumental in alleviating the stress of having to maneuver through a home that wasn’t built with these needs in mind. At completion, we were able to provide a functional space that allowed the full use of every room for our client and his wheelchair, while ensuring the level of finish and comfort that our clients can expect with every Fine Remodel project.

We at Fine Remodel were proud to be named a winner of a prestigious Contractor of the Year (COTY) Award for this project that converted enhanced accessibility options to standard amenities. Along with the honor in being named a recipient of this award, we are likewise grateful and proud to have been a part of the design and craftsmanship that brought these much needed options to one of our highly regarded clients.