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The Treehouse

June 1, 2016

Nicknamed “The Tree House” because of the prominent location of the home, this renovation was a blend of early 1990’s contemporary finishes when we were first introduced to this project. The homeowners wanted a clean and updated contemporary feel that would allow their own artistic talents to be showcased.

Given its unique stature, the Tree House was love at first sight for our clients, boasting irreplaceable views and location. The house is situated on a lot at the top of a steep driveway that leads to the garage at the lowest level. From the garage you rise two more stories with the master bedroom residing at the top of the house where you are literally at eye level with the tops of the long pole pine trees that are planted at street level.

In addition to the dated interior, the former layout of the home was divided and walled-off eliminating any views from the kitchen space, which had the potential to provide a very scenic pivot-point of the house. Using extremely heavy steel beams we were able to remove the main bearing wall that previously served as a barrier in turn allowing the kitchen to share magnificent views with the main living space. We kept the ceiling height at full capacity and were able to keep the ceiling lines smooth without the need for unsightly drops which would have created visual breaks in the space. The modern kitchen is both functional and serves as a focal point in a home where art is not only appreciated, but necessary to our artistic homeowners.

On the top level of the house, our subjects were the master bath and laundry. The bathroom was completely modified to make way for a very large shower and free-standing tub. We were able to design and execute a seamless flow from the main bath into the large bathing area. The homeowners opted for a hidden-tank toilet for its sleek semblance.  By using an expansive sink we were able to affix two faucets providing space for a his/her-friendly space while maintaining the seamless synergy that was desired for this room.

At completion with the help of our homeowners and heavy collaboration with our designers, this home remodel was the definition of what it means to see imagination and art come together in one synchronized location.

Another FINE Remodel!

The Result: Another FINE Remodel!